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Bringing joy to the children of SOS.

9 Sept 2023

Chummy Chum at SOS Children's Village

The Chummy Chum Foundation Inc. teamed up with Ms. Alexandra Faith Garcia on a Charity Event for the children at the SOS Orphanage. Ms. Faith was a beauty titlist for Miss Aura 2020 and has been doing charity work for quite a time now, with the help of her friends and endorsers. Helping the less fortunate children is one of her priorities.

Early on that day, the Chummy Chum and Ms. Faith's team joined hands in setting up the things for the event. They first took an Antigen Test following the SOS orphanage protocol.

When everything was accordingly complied with and the venue was all set, the program started.

First was exciting games participated by the children. Everyone was very excited and happy at that moment. The children were enthralled by how the yummy treats were produced by the popcorn and cotton candy carts. It was rare and uncommon for them to see something like that.

The most loved part was when Chummy Chum joined the program and performed a dance number for the children. He even stayed for a while and played with them, then took some pictures with the kids. The children were amazed to meet the one-of-a-kind, lovable, and generous Chummy Chum, and equally grateful for Ms. Faith’s team fair share in the event.

Special thanks to The SM Store for the toys.

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