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Celebrating Ms. Fatima’s birthday with the children from Bahay Aruga.

August 19,2022, Bahay Aruga Manila.

Ms. Fatima’s heart goes to underprivileged children, especially the sick ones. So she wished to celebrate her birthdays with them. She thought of the children from Bahay Aruga – a halfway home for indigent cancer kids located at San Marcelino St. Manila. Ms. Fatima knew that giving food and gift will only excite the children. What she wanted is to make them happy for that particular day. So she requested to collaborate with the Chummy Chum Foundation. Her wish was granted right away.

Chummy Chum went to Bahay Aruga in the early morning of August 19 on the Chummy Chum truck loaded with surprises for the children. Ms. Fatima was already there waiting. As soon as the truck arrives at the venue, the member of the team immediately set up the table with food, gifts, and lots of goodies for the children. The children were certainly excited about what has been happening at that very moment. Then Chummy Chum (the mascot) came in and played with the children. The team and the children sang happy birthday to Ms. Fatima. The cake was sliced serving all the children. They eat together and at the end of the event, each child received gifts from Chummy Chum and Ms. Fatima.

The event truly gave fun and joy to the sick children of Bahay Aruga.

Thank you to the founder of Chummy Chum, to the team, and to Ms. Fatima.

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