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Celebrating special day with the children of Kanlungan sa Erma

Updated: Feb 28

17 Feb 2024 (Fri PM)

Charity Birthday Party of Ms. Fhe with Chummy Chum

Kanlungan Sa Erma, Muntinlupa City


A month ago, a kind-hearted woman from the US, Ms. Fhe, emailed the Chummy Chum Foundation wondering if she could spend her birthday with the less fortunate children preferably from within the Muntinlupa area, through collaboration with Chummy Chum’s Smile For Me Little One Program. She learned about the program from the foundation’s website.


After a thorough discussion, the date was set and happening today. It was tough because there was a scheduled event in the morning that was scheduled earlier. From the morning event in Quezon City, the team drove hurriedly (and carefully) to Muntinlupa for Ms. Fhe’s event.


Navigating to the place of the event was a little confusing.  It was the first time for the team to conduct the event in PACSA, the chosen venue of KSM.  The team got lost on the road. Finally, after a few minutes, they got back on track. A little delayed in time, but they reached their destination safely. The children were already waiting for them. It was their first time to meet Chummy Chum and the team.


The team started to set up at the venue. Ms. Fhe’s family was there too helping with all the needs to make the children comfortable in an enjoyable environment. The children were very excited seeing all the food and gifts prepared for them by Ms. Fhe and Chummy Chum.


The program went very well. A funny clown entertained the children with a magic show and parlor games. Just before the program ended, Chummy Chum (the mascot) came out which made the children more excited. Headed by Chummy Chum, the children offered a Happy Birthday song to Ms. Fhe. Ms. Fhe was happy too, she made her wish before she blew the candle.


The children were served with delicious food packs, cotton candy, and popcorn. They also received gifts from Ms. Fhe and Chummy Chum.


The day was really tiring but the joy that the event brought to the children was priceless. Chummy Chum and its team will never get tired of anything if it is for the happiness of the less fortunate children.


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