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Celebrating the Children's Month

6 November 2023

CSWDO Children's Month

Every year the city of Paranaque invites the Chummy Chum Foundation to the Children’s Month town celebration, to bring joy and share the blessing with children from the orphanage, those who are under the care of DSWD, and those who dwell along the streets of Paranaque.

Chummy Chum has been known to many children in the city, and nearby towns. He (the mascot) and the team have been frequent visitors in orphanages, public schools, public hospitals, and centers for children with special needs. Regardless, of how familiar Chummy Chum is to most of the children, it always gives them chills and joy every time they see him (the mascot). \

On this day, the team prepared 200 sets of popcorn and cotton candy as well as yummy snacks, along with special gifts and toys, for all the children. They were all very happy, even happier when Chummy Chum appeared with a dance performance that challenged the city Mayor who also did a dance performance for the audience.

A special thanks to the beloved city Mayor and the father of Paranaque, as well as to all generous partner donors who shared their blessing to make every child happy on that very day.

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