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Chummy Chum and Ms. Nadine joined the children in the rain.

June 10, 2023 (Sat AM) Underprivileged Children from Ermita Manila

A voluntary partner donor wished to celebrate her life with the destitute children sharing her blessings with them.

Chummy Chum together with Kanlungan sa Erna Community gathered about 50 children from along the streets of Ermita Manila. It was a rainy day but it didn’t fail Ms. Nadine’s noble wish – and it was all for the children.

Chummy Chum joined the children in the rain, which made the children feel really special. Every child in the event received food packs, toys, and special gifts from Chummy Chum and Ms. Nadine. The event was hosted by a really funny clown that gave the cold rainy day a jovial spirit.

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