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Chummy Chum at the Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home Orphanage.

We in Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines Inc. always look for every opportunity to meet and play with the less fortunate children. The team continues to search orphanages that have not been visited by Chummy Chum. They learned about the Tahanan Ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home Orphanage – a sanctuary of God’s love and care for the abandoned, neglected, foundling, and surrendered children.

The team did not think twice and immediately planned for a charity event, which was graciously accepted by the house administrator. In the early morning of the 25th of May, the team drove on the Chummy Chum truck full pack with surprises for their new acquaintances. They were heading Brgy. Sagad, Pasig City where the orphanage is located.

As the Chummy Chum truck arrived at the location, you could see from the truck’s window the 3-story building home, where some of the children were looking out at the lobby. They have been waiting for Chummy Chum.

The most awaited event finally happened. Each team member came out from the truck carrying boxes packed with food, goodies, toys, and treats for the children. The crew started to set up the popcorn and cotton candy machine which made the children more excited. Then the bubble machine was blowing bubbles – it made the place magical. The table was being set up with food packs, goodies, toys, and a chocolate cake with the dedication “Happy Day Kids”.

After a while, Chummy Chum himself came in from the door, swaying to the tune of Chummy Chum jingle. The children were so happy, some jumped excitingly, and some ran towards Chummy Chum offering hugs. Chummy Chum was surrounded by children, they were conversing as if they were long-lost friends who terribly missed each other.

At the end of the day, all children received food packs, toys, freebies, and special gifts. The moment was brief but definitely a memorable one, especially for each child who had gotten a chance to play with Chummy Chum that one Sunny Tuesday morning.

All the children as well as the staff at the center enjoyed the charity event and wished that Chummy Chum and the team to come back soon.

Thank you very much to all our voluntary donors who made all these possible – Anonymous R for the food packs, cake, loot bags of school supplies; Pinkrocket for the Korean pasta, and SM Store Sucat for toys.

We intended not to expose kids’ faces in photos for their security and protection.


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