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Gifts and more for every unwell child at the PCMC

Updated: May 14

22 December 2023 (AM 2)

Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC)

Part of the team’s itinerary for the day, as the Chummy Chum team joined the partner donors every end of the year, in visiting unwell children from different public hospitals for children bringing gifts and joy to every child, the 2nd stop (after the NCH) was in the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. The team went directly to the Pediatric-Hema Ward to meet the children who have been afflicted with blood diseases mostly leukemic patients.

Chummy Chum (the mascot) himself personally handed over the gifts to each one of them.

For a while, the children felt physically well as they watched Chummy Chum and the team walk around with the Noche Buena baskets and special gifts beautifully wrapped and prepared just for them, and just to have a little time with Chummy Chum at their bedside would get them truly excited.

Special thanks to our long-time voluntary partner-donors Clearlogic Inc, who have been helping every charity event possible; as well as Ms. Elaine, Cacao&Com, WeCarePH, and Mam N. for the added fun.

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