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Helping little Jhehanie see the beauty of life.

No. 101: Jhehanie Ayhiesha Secapuri, 4, Retinoblastoma Os Stage III, Rizal Medical Center (RMC)

Jhehanie was born with an eye defect disorder. She underwent ophthalmic surgery in 2019, and 9-cycle chemotherapy at the Rizal Medical Center. She needs to undergo various clinical laboratory tests and a regular monthly check-up. The family tried to transfer to other public hospitals for children who provide medical services for free, but the full occupancy has been a great challenge amidst this global health crisis. Urgently, she needs a medical eyeglass and a replacement for her left artificial eye. The parents are doing sideline jobs but income is not enough to cover the basic needs of the family more so the medical management of their child. The family is an illegal settler along the train railways in Bicutan, but still has to pay for rental and electricity, They pay for clean water for Php 5 per 10 buckets a day.

Chummy Chum immediately sent help for Jhehanie with cash assistance for her eye condition and medical management, as well as grocery items to share with the family. Jhehanie was more than excited to received sets of coloring books, that she used right away, along with Chummy Chum dolls and wristbands. At that very moment, despite Jhehanies eye condition, she sees the beauty of the love she just received.

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