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Jericho will surely get his maintenance medicine.

No. 116: Jericho Barraga Maliberan, 5, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, PGH

Little boy Jericho was diagnosed with Leukemia. Jericho has been getting series of chemotherapy from the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). He must take maintenance medicines to keep the disease from aggravation. The father lost his job at the onset of the pandemic. The mother sells street foods in front of their house to get them by every day. The family could not provide for the medical management of Jericho, thus seeking any help that can be extended to their sick child.

With the combined generosity of the founder and a volunteer donor, Jericho received cash assistance for his medical management, formula milk for his nourishment, and grocery items to share with his family. Jericho will surely get his maintenance medicine.

Parents FB Page Rose Ann Barera Barraga

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