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Joyous day with the warriors.

What Chummy Chum always loves to do is to bring joy and happiness to disadvantaged children by generously sharing blessings with them. Through his actions, he tends to influence many people to do that same noble mission.

On the 21st day of June, Chummy Chum joined the Heart of Angels to celebrate the birthday of one of the children under their care and a beneficiary of our medical assistance program, little JS. On the same day, it was the christening of another warrior from the Heart of Angels, for which another individual with a generous and loving heart sponsored a resort as a venue of the celebration somewhere in Malabon, marking the event one of the most memorable for every little warrior who was able to join.

The fun started as soon as the Chummy Chum truck pulled over at the parking area of the resort, and the rest was just a joyous day.

Thank you for the unending love of the founders of Chummy Chum, the tireless effort of the Chummy Chum team, and the hundreds of cups of Korean rice pasta shared by Pinkrocket.

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