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Kind hearts create a miracle

“Kind hearts create a miracle”

The Founders and its management as well as the team (headed by Ate Rowena) have always been thankful and pleased to know that Chummy Chum is serving as a channel of blessings between good samaritans and the children who need help most.

This very day is the 4th month that baby Venice Ballescas (CMAP#53), 2, with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, received help from a voluntary donor who didn’t want to go public and so we call her Ms. C.

Ms. C pledged 10% of her salary to baby Venice, for which she has been sending directly to the account of baby Venice’s parents in the last 4 months.

Thank you Ms. C. You are a guardian angel on earth for baby Venice. Bless your heart with love and peace and your living with an abundance of good things in life, so you will be an angel for many years to come, not only to baby Venice but to all of us who are very proud and grateful for your kind heart.

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