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Little Renz was very happy, his mum in tears of joy.

No. 62, Renz Jhazer C. Catacutan, 6, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

A mother cries out for her 2nd and youngest child Renz who has been fighting blood cancer since he was diagnosed with Leukemia in December 2019. His father is an employed farmer and earns a 10% commission for every 100 sacks sold. Other than farming, the family has no other source of income. Some charity groups have been helping but still not enough to provide the full medical management of Renz. The ailing child is being treated at the Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC).

Little Renz was very happy to receive surprising gifts from the Chummy Chum Foundation. The mother was still in tears, but this time a tear of joy for the blessings they just received.

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