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Love & Fun Day with Sir Mike and Chummy Chum at the NCH

6 March 2024

Love and Fun Day for the Sick Children with Sir Mike

National Children’s Hospital

Earlier in March, the Chummy Chum Foundation received a query that turned into a request for a charity event for sick children in a public hospital. A fine young man with generous love wished to celebrate his special day with the less fortunate children and give them more than we used to.

Sir Mike, as we call him, requested the team to prepare more food and gifts to be given to 100 children, the children currently confined at the Hema Ward, and those having a regular medical check-up at the Hema OPD.

The Chummy Chum team was pleased and gratified with Sir Mike’s intention of making more children happier.

The team was extra inspired planning for Sir Mike’s charity event. They recommended the National Children’s Hospital (NCH) as the venue of the “Love and Fun Day with Sir Mike”. Amidst the preparation, the team was delighted to receive another request from Sir Mike. He wanted to give Php 500 gift cash to each of the 100 children, on top of all food and toys. The entire team was extremely happy for all the children who were about to receive the blessings to be shared by Sir Mike.

That day came, and the team took off early, they were meeting Sir Mike and his friends at the NCH. The team made sure everything was properly coordinated and prepared. Upon their arrival, the team immediately set up the table of food and gifts. They prepared the gift cash in a red envelope.

The team together with Sir Mike started to go into the Hema Ward Pediatrics. The children on their hospital beds were excited to see them with the gifts that were prepared for them. They got more excited seeing the big guy in striped red T-shirts and Green pants – Chummy Chum (the mascot). Chummy Chum took time for a quick chat with some of the children but made sure he didn’t miss to nod and say “Hi” to all the children in every room they went into. Each child received food packs, special loot bags, and gift cash c/o sir Mike, along with the special gifts from Chummy Chum. The same gifts were received by the children at the Hema OPD, who were very happy seeing Chummy Chum together with Sir Mike and his friends.

The entire team, doctors, nurses, staff, and social workers were very grateful for Sir Mike’s generosity and presence on that day. A total of Php 100,000.00 worth of food, toys, and cash gifts was willingly shared by Sir Mike with the sick children at the National Children’s Hospital. Sir Mike witnessed the hard work of the team – he extended a monetary appreciation, which the team appreciated and was very grateful.

Message from Chummy Chum Foundation to Sir Mike: “May God bless your heart with greater love for the needy and wealth tenfold than what you shared, so you may continue helping the most in need."

Happiest Birthday Nye Nye Bonel!.

(Need to mention the amount for transparency)

(The Chummy Chum mascot is 100% disinfected before and after meeting with the children, ensuring the safety of everyone from the dreadful diseases caused by community virus).

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