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Meeting the children from the Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital.

It was a fair-weather on the 17th of June. The team, as usual, came to the office as early as 5 AM, ready to meet the sick children from the Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital located in Tala, Caloocan.

Before that day, the team already loaded up the truck with freebies and yummy treats for the children. This would be the 1st time again since the pandemic started in 2020 to visit the sick children from the Out-Patient-Ward of the said public hospital.

As soon as the Chummy Chum parked at the designated area, the hospital staff welcomed and led them to the OPD section which was a temporary place outside the building to avoid crowding and congestion. The OPD area was covered with a big full ceiling and a side white tent.

Two of the team members set up the table with freebies and gifts, while the 2 others set up the popcorn and cotton candy machines getting ready to cook and sharing the yummy treats with the children, who were at that time, patiently waiting for the event to start.

The real fun began when the Chummy Chum jingle medley filled the surface inside the OPD-covered tent. The joyful ambiance took place in the sluggish environment. The children got hyped when they saw Chummy Chum in person. For a moment, the children forgot the health condition they’ve been suffering with. Some of the children gave Chummy high-fives and fist bumps exchanged.

The Pedia-Doctor and nurses were so excited to join the team in distributing the gifts, freebies, and yummy treats to each child. Everybody under the cover tent was so happy.

Certainly, that day is another successful event for Chummy. Chum. Movement and action may have been limited due to the current situation, but the joy Chummy Chum brought to the children is always unlimited.

Thank you to the Chummy Chum Team for the untiring effort and endless love for the sick children. Thank you too to our voluntary partner-donor Mam Anonymous R for the loot bags, Pinkrocket for Topokki, Ms. Rona for cute paper bags, and SM Sucat Store for various kids’ stuff toys.

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