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Sending immediate help for baby Zia.

No. 162, Zia, 3 months old, Ambiguous-genitalia, Antipolo Community Hospital

Baby Zia was born with unknown gender having an ambiguous genitalia condition. Because of the baby’s very fragile condition, the local community hospital has very limited capacity to further check the condition of baby Zia. They were referred to the National Children’s Hospital to get specialized medical advice. However, due to scarcity, the parents were unable to bring their newly born baby to NCH right away. The father, who is a construction worker, is sick with a lung condition and is on his 6 months maintenance medicine. Due to a highly contagious disease, he was asked to go on indefinite medical leave. The mother is a plain housewife to take care of all their five (5) children, baby Zia is the youngest.

Sending worth Php 10,000 assistance for baby Zia’s medical and surgical needs, as well as grocery items to share with the family.

The amount has to be mentioned for transparency.

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