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Sending love for baby Adrianne.

No. 100: Adrianne Kurt del Campo, 10 months, Hirschprungs Disease, PCMC

Adrianne has a birth defect wherein she discharges bowel through a colostomy. Recently she has diagnosed with Primary Tuberculosis (PTB) and must take a 6-month compliance medication. Earlier in May (2021), she was confined at the hospital due to dehydration and asthma. Adriane’s concerning condition more than her disease is malnutrition. She is undernourished and her urgent needs include maintenance medicine, formula milk, and various nutritious soft diet, as well as colostomy bags. The father is a company janitor and his work schedule has been reduced to three days a week due to the effect of the pandemic.

With the help of the untiring services of the Chummy Chum team, Adrianne received cash assistance for her medical management, maintenance medicines, other hospital expenses, as well as her nourishment. She also received Chummy Chum dolls, sets of coloring books, and wristbands to keep her reminded that somewhere in her past, Chummy Chum was there for her.

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