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Serving the children of Alay ng Puso together with the Businessmen's Club

Updated: Jan 3

17 December 2023

Missionaries of Charity (Alay ng Puso)

The founder of the Chummy Chum Foundation together with the Businessmen’s Club (BMC) wished to spend time with the children of the Alay ng Puso Orphanage (Missionaries of Charity). The Chummy Chum team planned it carefully as they always wanted to make that special event perfect for the children.

The team prepared following the requests of the sisters from the orphanage and the wish of the founder for the children. So there were toys for little girls and boys, baby toys and diapers for children 1 year and below; and new clothes and shoes for all the children.

The program started a little later than scheduled as there was an ongoing charity mission when the team arrived. The BMC and the founder got there earlier too, but they patiently waited for the program to start.

The program started at 10:30am. The ventriloquist hosted the event and welcomed the guests and participants. Opening prayer by Sister Ella officially opened the program, followed by parlor games participated by the BMC and volunteer students as the children were tamed and shy to play. The host persistently encouraged the children to participate by giving out prizes for all who participated, so when the first participant received a prize, some of the children, though still shy, played the games prepared just for them. Everyone was a winner and got a special prize.

After a couple of games, a puppet show and magic show followed. But the most fun part was when Chummy Chum came out and joined the children. Chummy Chum performed a dance number. Then, the BMCs and the founder started to personally hand over the gifts to each child, they also served the volunteers with popcorn. Special gifts were the new clothes and shoes for all the children. The volunteers, caregivers and sisters dressed up the children. They were amazed that the clothes fit perfectly to each child's size. New clothes were partnered with new shoes. The little girls were glammed up with colorful hair mini-clamps. They all looked so beautiful. Chummy Chum patiently waited and posed for some photos with the children along with guests and volunteers.

Delicious food was served and all the children gathered around the table. While the children were having a feast inside, the Chummy Chum team went out and distributed rice packs to families who live around the orphanage.

It was a Sunday, supposed to be a rest day for everyone, but the BMC, the founder and Chummy Chum team did not think twice to serve as they knew how much joy that day would bring for the children.

Special thanks to the father of Chummy Chum and the BMC for making all this possible.

(We intended not to disclose the photos of the children for their protection.)

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