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Sharing the blessings with cancer patient children.

365 days a year, since 2012, when she was given the opportunity to work with a family foundation whose founders’ hearts belong to disadvantaged children, this woman never gets tired of looking for the most in-need children and delivering the help without complaint and hesitation whatever the situation. She’s doing her job passionately reflecting her genuine love for the children. And on her very special day – she did celebrate with the sick children.

All gifts she received in form of cash and in-kind, Rowena shared them to come up with a charity event dedicated to the pediatric cancer patient.

The event was supposed to be conducted at the center for cancer patients in Cavite, however, one of Rowena’s gifters arranged a venue at one of the popular food chains for kids. It made the event more memorable.

As soon as the Chummy Chum truck arrived at the venue, Chummy Chum, the mascot came out to meet the children. More high-fives and fist bumps were exchanged, and some of the children could not resist and gave Chummy a hug. Chummy Chum stayed for a while with the children; while the cheerful engagements of Chummy and the children were happening, the team brought all the gifts, freebies, and sweet treats for the children and set them up at the venue. Light games and entertaining programs for the children were performed – laughs and giggles from the children who are terminally ill surfaced in the air. Once again, Chummy Chum certainly brought joy to them.

The event was brief but truly a memorable one not only for Rowena but most especially for all sick children who were able to join the party.

Rowena was grateful for all the gifts she received that she then unselfishly gave them all out to the children. Thank you to :

* Ms. Elaine * Mrs. Sison * Mrs. Joy * Mrs. Reyes * Mrs.Luisa * Sir Edward* and to our ever-loving boss – the founder and father of the Chummy Chum Foundation.

Thank you too Minay family for the basic children’s medicine and the SM Sucat Store for the toys.

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