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28 October 2023 Feeding Program 4th Estate, Paranaque City

4th Estate is one of the largest barangays in the city. One part of its land accommodates the poorest of the poor families. This was where Chummy Chum chose to conduct a feeding program where many children were starving and barely had food in a day.

When the children learned that the Chummy Chum team was coming, they patiently waited in a long queue, on a steamy sunny day. The volume of the children in the line was a little overwhelming as it was more than what the Chummy Chum team expected to be many children.

Every child received a set of sandwiches and cold freshly mixed fruit juice, along with toys, food items, and pre-loved toys. About a hundred children were very happy.

The program went well and peacefully with the help of the leader and representatives from the area.

Special thanks to WeCarePH, and to those who shared the pre-loved kids’ item.

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