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Spending time with the children from Jades Home.

July 25,2022, Virlanie Jades Home Dasmarinas Cavite.

The Chummy Chum Foundation and Mrs. Sison were very pleased and humbled to have met and served one of the most special children from the Jades Home located in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

Jades Home takes care of abandoned special children. It was the home’s 30th founding anniversary.

The Chummy Chum Team prepared gifts for all the children. Lots of freebies, sweet treats, and food packs by Mrs. Sison were carefully packed along with the personalized gifts from Chummy Chum.

Upon reaching the venue, the team immediately set up a table that surprises the children. The popcorn machine was ready to serve its delightful snacks. The Chummy Chum Jingle Medley started to fill the air. A little later, Chummy Chum (the mascot) appeared before the children and had a brief but jolly interaction with them. The finale was a dance number by Chummy Chum. Everyone was so happy.

Food packs were served. At the end of the event, each child received gifts and freebies. Once again, the children felt they belong and being loved by so many people.

Thank you to CCFPI founders for their generosity, to the untiring service of the team, to Mrs. Sison for the gifts and food, and NutriBooster for the cereals.

We intended not to disclose the children’s photos for their security and protection.

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