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Supporting baby Nate in his speedy recovery.

CMAP No. 177, Baby Nate, 1, Congenital Heart Disease, Ventricular Septal defect with Down Syndrome, Philippine Heart Center

Baby Nate was born with congenital heart disease and has down syndrome. Despite scarcity, the parents did their best to provide for the medical and nutritional needs of their little angel. With the help of the surgeons and pediatric specialists at the Philippine Heart Center, baby Nate underwent heart surgery that gives him a great chance to survive the debilitating disease that nobody wants to have. His fragile tiny body is now recuperating. However, he needs post-surgery care through maintenance medicine and a prescribed diet. The father who is a minimum wage earner could not provide for the full medical management of his child.


(Message of the family to Chummy Chum)

Dear Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines Inc.

Una maraming salamat God sa pag provide ng pang isang buwang supply ni baby na Maintenance, Vitamins, Gatas at diaper at may kasama pang groceries..


Total love gift: 10k (worth of medicines and nutritional needs of baby Nate).

* Value has to be mentioned for transparency and accountability

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