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Surprising gifts for little Rhianne.

No. 64, Rhianne San Felipe, 4, Ventricular Septal Defect, Pulmonic Stenosis

Little Rhianne is the only child of a common-law partner. The family is an illegal settler by the riverside, where the sick child is suffering from her medical condition. The father is a construction worker and earns around Php 12,000 a month, for which amount is not enough to cover the full medical management of the child. The parents know that there are more deserving needy families out there (than them), but the unfortunate condition of their child has forced them to ask for help.

The Chummy Chum team checked on the family and was able to determine the unpleasant condition of the child. Immediately, the help was delivered to the family. Little Rhianne was so excited with her sets of coloring books with crayons. She received cash assistance for her medical management and nourishment as well as milk and grocery items to share with her family. The family is very thankful for the blessings they just received.

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