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Surprising the children from Brgy. Tambo

Updated: May 14

9 March 2024

Indigent Children from Brgy. Tambo

Paranaque City

It was a hot Saturday morning. Some of the people are having a day off. But not for the Chummy Chum team. They planned to visit the children from indigent families in one part of Brgy.Tambo.

The Chummy Chum team was excited to meet the children and hand over the yummy treats and special gifts they prepared for them. It was a simple gift but the thought of caring for the children counts a lot. It is not often that the children from this part of the town get a visit, and they were very happy.

The children were disciplined. They formed a line and waited for their turn to receive the yummy treat and special gift from Chummy Chum.

Chummy Chum (the mascot) personally handed over the snacks and special gifts to the children. He was very happy serving the children and even made a pose for a picture with them.

The moment was brief but truly a memorable one.

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