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Taking care of Tyler.

No. 119: Tyler, 5, Beta Thalassemia Major Hemesidorosis, NCH

Tyler was diagnosed when he was one year old with a disease in the blood that requires a monthly transfusion, resulting in a mandatory chelation therapy of 10 cycles a month. Tyler has been confined in the hospital for 10 – 12 days every month. Although the hospital covers most of Tyler’s medical treatment and clinical procedures, it is still very difficult for the family to manage everything with regard to the sick child’s maintenance medicine, and nourishment needs, aside from the fact that there are still the other children who have basic needs. The mother is focused on taking care of Tyler and the other children while the father is an on-call carpenter and does not have a stable job. The mother requests any help that can be extended to Tyler.

The Chummy Chum team immediately sent help with cash assistance for the post medication and nourishment of Tyler.

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