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Welcoming the new year with high hopes and happy hearts.

Updated: May 14

29 Dec 2023

Indang Cavite

It was on the 1st month of the year that Chummy Chum visited the children in Indang Cavite, and just before the year ended, Chummy Chum came back to bring joy once again to the children.

Everyone was truly happy with the toys, gifts, and food. The most fun part was when Chummy Chum came out and joined the children in a dance performance. Chummy Chum stayed for a while to play with the children and took a few photos with them. One of the best days to remember happy memories of the passing year, and welcome the new one with high hopes and happy hearts.

Special thanks to Clearlogic, Inc. for helping making every charity event possible.

Happy New Year to All...

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